AJ Production is a web- and systemdevelopment service. We help you to interact with the world, your clients or your staff using the nowadays information technology which has become a powerful and the most important tools in connecting people, individuals, organizations and companies together whether they are big or small, private or professionnal .
  • We build or develop your website or system
  • We implement the newest and the most advanced functions
  • Design, functions and applications as desired
  • An administration application always included
  • You will always have total controll over your website
  • AJ Production offers you lifetime garantee
AJ Production is professional in web based administraion systems and database design such as member managing, salary managing, invoice applications.

Features: xhtml, html5, css, jQuery, JavaScript, DOM, dhtml, RSS, WAP, PHP, VBScript, Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, .NET Mobile, Flash(actionscript), mySQL, MS SQL, Access, xml and more...

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